Crocodile Industries Inc. was imagined, created, and incorporated in 2017 with aspirations of being a boutique matting company catering to the needs and requests of smaller oil & gas companies
in Western Canada.
Combined with private investment and a strong relationship with the manufacturer, we have product on the ground in Western Canada, Papua New Guinea, and inventory in Vietnam ready to ship world-wide.

We’ve fought through a downturn in the energy industry, we’ve survived a pandemic, and we’re still fighting to prove that we’re better, and we can reduce matting project costs.

Our eco-friendly and cost-effective Bamboo mats help us stand out in the crowd of other hardwood mats. We’re stronger, we’re cheaper, and we’re renewable.

In 2022 Crocodile Industries became a Western Canadian distributor of the Purus Ecoraster brand of permeable paving products. Another eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction techniques and matting projects. The Western Canadian energy industry is untapped potential, and we’re tapping our toes to prove that Ecoraster is a viable solution and a better choice. We’re cheaper, we’re lighter, we’re GREEN, and we’re easy
to move.

Helping you go GREEN is our Goal.

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